Used 2015 aston martin rapide s for sale in hollywood, fl

Technically the 2015 Aston Martin Rapide S has a vị trí cao nhất speed of 203 mph, but that doesn"t read as cleanly in a headline. And let"s be honest, if you"re one of the four people riding in a Rapide S when it crosses 200 mph are you really going khổng lồ be checking the speedo khổng lồ verify those last 3 mph? In fact that"s probably the most thrilling aspect of this new Aston Martin -- not that it can travel at football-field-per-second velocities, but that it can bởi so while maintaining a placid, top-tier luxury demeanor for everyone inside. We were given the opportunity to dip into such capabilities, repeatedly, on a recent romp through Scotland.

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Credit for the Rapid S" elevated high-speed confidence và increased overall performance for năm ngoái comes from many areas, but let"s start with the car"s sleek exterior design. It"s been slightly tweaked for 2015, with the biggest changes coming in the form of new exterior colors (Divine Red and Sea Storm green) along with new 20-inch wheel options that include diamond & graphite finishes. Minimal change is fine with us, because the Rapide has been the world"s most alluring sedan since it debuted in 2010. Và while its nubile body toàn thân doesn"t result in the most practical interior layout (a Porsche Panamera offers superior rear seat space), it does let the Rapide S slice through the atmosphere more effectively than many super cars -- including its ownstablemate -- giving it a two mph advantage in đứng đầu speed over the Vanquish.

The real culprit in the car"s performance improvements for năm ngoái is an all-new, rear-mounted ZF transaxle. Jumping from 6 lớn 8 speeds has not only added 13 mph to vị trí cao nhất speed but subtracted a half second from zero-to-60, now factory rated at 4.2 seconds. Not bad for a 4,400-pound sedan. A new subframe mounting system for the new transaxle, along with retuned springs và dampers, stiffer anti-roll bars & upgraded Bridgestone Potenza tires (245/40 front, 295/35 rear) makes the 2015 Rapid S feel much lighter than that figure suggests, giving the oto quicker turn-in, better steering feel and higher overall confidence compared to lớn the previous model.

A new, more advanced Bosch engine management system adds 3 horsepower và 7 pound-feet of torque lớn the 6.0-liter V12, resulting in peak figures of 560 hp at 6,650 rpm and 465 lb-ft at 5,500 rpm. Yes, those peak numbers are only negligibly higher than last year, but the more sophisticated engine management computer, combined with the all-new transmission"s tighter gear spacing và wider overall ratio, transforms the Rapide S from a capable performer into an enthusiastic partner when accessing the V12"s power. It also cuts emissions by 10 percent và bumps highway fuel economy by 11 percent, giving the 2015 Rapide S new EPA ratings of 13 city và 21 highway mpg.

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The 8-speed automatic continues to utilize a traditional torque converter, and it can be left in full automatic mode for responsive shifts under normal driving conditions. It will also read driver behavior và adjust the shift pattern accordingly should throttle inputs become more aggressive. Placing the Rapide S in "Sport" mode và engaging the steering-column-mounted paddles immediately livens things up, cracking off 130-millisecond shifts before you"ve completed the paddles" range of motion. Combined with larger, 400 millimeter front brakes và increased brake boost pressure the sedan felt nimble & offered pinpoint accuracy when traversing the narrow roads winding through Scotland"s scenic highlands.

Basking in the 2015 Aston Martin Rapide S" rich cabin materials, including seven hides of hand-sown leather, updated quilting patterns and two new leather màu sắc options (California Poppy và Fandango Pink), it would be easy to forego the car"s performance potential & simply revel in its expression of luxury. For example, in today"s increasingly cost-consious automotive world we sincerely appreciate an interior where, as one Aston Martin representative put it, "if it looks like real metal, it is." And like every Aston Martin, the options for customizing the Rapide S are limitless và even encouraged by the automaker"s "Q by Aston Martin" bespoke services. You can bet those services will quickly địa chỉ to the Rapide S" $207,820 starting price, but then, if you have to lớn ask how much...

While the Rapide S" elevated driving capabilities are certainly welcome, it"s really these simultaneous enhancements khổng lồ performance, refinement and personalization that quantify the sedan as a ongoing player in the ultra-luxury segment. This is no small feat for a low-volume automaker with no direct ties to lớn a high-volume parent. But a recent partnership with Mercedes-Benz và AMG should further tốc độ up development of future sản phẩm while allowing the British brand to lớn revise its aging interior controls & electronic interface.

Thankfully, these are minor quibbles when contrasted against the sensual styling, illustrious exhaust note, opulent materials và addictive performance delivered by the 2015 Rapide S throughout our high-velocity Scottish sojourn. If Aston Martin can hang on to those characteristics while supplementing them with advanced M-B technology (we"re confident the automaker can), the future for this storied British brand looks even brighter than the present car"s gleaming metallic paint. In the meantime, who"s up for a 200 mph double date?


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