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I wrote this post to lớn compare Hanoi vs Saigon (aka Ho đưa ra Minh City) from a travel perspective, but Vietnam’s largest cities are also similar when it comes to lớn my own recent history in both.

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Most notably, I hadn’t planned khổng lồ re-visit either, let alone within a few weeks of one another during the last part of 2019. In both cases, I traveled in order to resolve relationships (or situation-ships, really) I knew were doomed, albeit on different sides of the power nguồn dynamic.

I hope you’ll indulge me while I explain my personal ties to Vietnam‘s capital & its largest city, before I help you khổng lồ decide which is best for you khổng lồ visit, assuming you only have time for one. (I also hope you avoid romantic drama during your trip—more on that in a second.)

My Own History in Hanoi and Ho đưa ra Minh

Last September, I visited thủ đô bangkok thái lan for the first time since moving to thái lan to Taiwan; I’d originally planned to lớn return immediately to lớn Taipei after tying up a few loose ends. Unfortunately, I became…involved with a malignant narcissist in the weeks leading up to my trip, và ended up changing course last-second to meet him in Hanoi on my way back east. As you might imagine, what transpired was nothing short of a disaster. Had it not been for the coronavirus destroying the entire world the past few weeks, I might still be hung up on him.

Serendipitously, during what should’ve been a somber Taipei Pride in the wake of my break-up with he-who-shall-not-be-named, I ran into a more benevolent ex-lover, a Vietnamese man I’d met in bangkok thái lan just weeks before my move to Taipei. Although I knew nothing long-term would come of this (he was unable to lớn re-locate to lớn Taiwan and I have never for a second wanted to live in Vietnam), I met him in his hometown near Saigon in early December—as much, if I’m honest, khổng lồ see him again as lớn continue numbing the pain of the narcissistic abuse I’d previously suffered.

How Saigon và Hanoi are the Same—and Different

Both cities are massive


I’ll be honest: Even if I impending lãng mạn doom had not been buzzing under my recent returns to Hanoi and Saigon, I wouldn’t have departed either with a huge desire to lớn return. Apart from updating my itineraries (and photography) for both, I don’t feel I grew as a person or as a traveler by seeing either again; I wouldn’t các mục Saigon or Hanoi near the top of my menu of favorite cities in the world, or even really in Southeast Asia. I’d probably put both below Kuala Lumpur or even Phnom Penh!

Where khổng lồ Stay in Hanoi và Saigon

Because I was visiting at the behest of a fuckboy who happens khổng lồ be monetarily poor in addition to lớn his emotional bankruptcy, I stayed in a ratty-ass Airbnb, rather than checking out Hanoi hotels I’d been eyeing independently of this trip. Certainly, I’d never have been able khổng lồ stay in the five-star Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi when I first traveled to Vietnam all the way back in 2010; in reality, a boutique property such as Damsels Hanoi Boutique khách sạn would probably be more my speed these days, as a bridge between my present & past travel styles.

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In this regard, to be sure, I would say the Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị vs Hanoi is pretty much even. While Saigon, too, has several high-luxury properties (namely khách sạn Des Arts and Sofitel Saigon Plaza), I selected the colorful Maison de Camille as my love…er lust nest, in spite of it being somewhat outside of Saigon’s District 1. Vietnam’s cities are all hot messes in a way; the best way khổng lồ make peace with this is khổng lồ stay in places where your heart và imagination can distract the distress your mind (at least, if you have a Type A mind lượt thích I do) is sure to lớn feel.

Other Places lớn Visit in Vietnam

Regardless of how many days in Vietnam you have, I would recommend spending as many of them as possible outside the country’s largest cities. The following các mục of Vietnam destinations will help get you started:

Nha Trang & its hot mess tiệc nhỏ sceneThe high-altitude chill of sleepy domain authority LatThe stunning (and sometimes snowy!) rice terrace of Sa Pa
Want more than just a head-start when it comes khổng lồ where khổng lồ go in Vietnam? Hire me as your Travel Coach—and let me sweat the details!

Other Saigon vs. Hanoi FAQ

Is Hanoi or Saigon better?

Although I personally prefer Saigon for its cosmopolitan energy and the nearby attractions of Southern Vietnam, it’s difficult to lớn make a broad value judgment. As much of a cop-out as this may seem, the only way khổng lồ determine which of Vietnam’s cities is better is lớn visit both of them.

Is Hanoi or Saigon cheaper?

Saigon & Hanoi are both extremely cheap cities. Staying in four-star hotels, eating out twice per day and traveling exclusively via Grab (Southeast Asia’s Uber), it would be difficult to lớn spend more than 100 USD per person, per day—you’ll likely spend much less.

Is Saigon bigger than Hanoi?

Officially, Saigon’s 9 million-strong population is nearly double Hanoi’s official figure, which is around 5 million. But make no mistake: Both Hanoi & Saigon are bustling, dynamic megacities, which are far more populous & much livelier than most any thành phố in a Western country.

The Bottom Line

I settle the Hanoi vs Ho chi Minh debate on a personal level—I prefer Saigon, if only because it’s slightly more tolerable to lớn break someone’s heart than lớn have mine broken. Of course, you can also argue convincingly that Vietnam’s largest thành phố is more cosmopolitan và dynamic than its capital, to lớn say nothing of your preferences for the experiences on offer in either (or both). In an ideal world, you would have time khổng lồ visit Hanoi & Saigon (even more ideally, by stringing them together with two weeks in Vietnam or so in-between). Regardless of how long you have to lớn spend in Vietnam or what you want to vì chưng there, consider hiring me lớn plan your trip.

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