Bệnh viện quốc tế thu cúc


Officially established and put into operation in August 2011, Thu Cuc International General Hospital belonging to lớn tiengtrungquoc.edu.vn Corp is a non-public hospital which is highly appreciated for both chất lượng and customer healthcare services. Thu Cuc Hospital has a total surface area of more than 5,500m² with advanced medical equipment & a team of skilled and experienced professional doctors và nurses.

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Healthcare unique is always the đứng đầu priority of Thu Cuc Hospital. Apart from investment in facilities và medical equipment, Thu Cuc Hospital has also attracted many national and overseas physicians with high skills và experiences in healthcare sector. Most of our doctors had many years working for leading public hospitals nationwide. Thu Cuc Hospital also has a comprehensive cooperation with leading Singaporean professors and specialists in the field of oncology such as Vice president of Singapore Cancer Society, Dean of Department of Oncology of Singapore General Hospital, etc.


Thu Cuc International General Hospital

In addition khổng lồ the healthcare quality, Thu Cuc Hospital also focuses on developing customer services, which bring our clients & patients the opportunities of experiencing compassionate, dedicated, và professional care, making their examination and treatment processes time for relaxation.


Advanced facilities and furniture

With the aim of becoming a leading non-public hospital, Thu Cuc International General Hospital has invested in a variety of up-to-date facilities và medical equipment in Vietnam và has pursued many screening methods as well as advanced treatment methods around the world. Thu Cuc Hospital has the most advanced system of sterile single-door operating rooms, a 64-slice CT scanner for rapid and accurate diagnosis và treatment of cardiopulmonary và oncology, an international-standard osteoporosis meter, a system of 4d ultrasound, và many other modern devices.


Modern facilities & medical equipment in Thu Cuc Hospital

Being recognized as a general hospital with qualified specialists và proper investment, our Out-patient Department, Diagnostic Imaging Department, Plastic Surgery & High technology Unit, Surgery Department, Odonto-Stomatology Department, Obstetrics & Gyneacology, and In-patient Department are always leaders in application of new techniques, providing the best efficiency of examination, screening and treatment for patients.

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In early 2014, Oncology Department – Singpapore Oncology Center was founded at Thu Cuc Hospital, demonstrating the Hospital’s determination of beating back severe diseases and bringing a peaceful & healthy life for people.

Thu Cuc Hospital especially focuses on creating a patient-friendly hospital environment which is rich in humanity. Not only being qualified for excellent expertise, all staff members of Thu Cuc International General Hospital have the opportunities khổng lồ attend training courses of customer services, they are aware of the importance of service culture, so that they can understand and respect the customer demands và wishes.

Offering affordable healthcare services, Thu Cuc International General Hospital becomes a popular healthcare center for many Hanoians as well as people from neighboring provinces.

We offer affordable healthcare services & provide public price các mục as prescribed by Healthcare sector. With the principle “Thu Cuc Hospital – Healthcare for your lifetime”, Thu Cuc International General Hospital has strived khổng lồ be a reliable healthcare center for the people in Hanoi as well as from the North.