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Viết về đồ gia dụng uống ái mộ bằng tiếng anh. ( các bạn chỉ buộc phải viết hầu như đồ uống đơn giản dễ dàng thôi như thể nước cam tuyệt nước chanh )


I love to lớn stay hydrated. One of my favorite drinks khổng lồ help me stay hydrated is orange juice. Orange juice is both sweet and sour. It freshens me up every time I take sips of orange juice. Orange juice is orange in color so it"s hard to mix it for another drink. Sometimes orange juice has orange pulps in it. I love this kind of orange juice because it seems fresh to lớn me. These are the reasons why orange juice is one of my favorite drinks khổng lồ stay hydrated. 

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My favorites are fried rice with vegetables và chicken curry with salad. In fact, this is the most popular menu in our country. First, the rice is boiled in water, then the rice is boiled with chicken, vegetables and oil. Chicken curry is individually prepared using several spices và chicken & finally, the salad is made with different vegetables và fruits, then they are cut into pieces & mixed with blind cross. These three dishes are then served together. I eat this menu about 3-4 times a week. This menu is mainly prepared at trang chủ and sometimes I eat it in the restaurant. There are several variations in how this dish is prepared and what it is made of. Various restaurants have their own expertise in preparing and serving this menu. This is my favorite food for many reasons: the first is that it's delicious and healthy. This thực đơn meets the needs of the various food values ​​our bodies need. It is found in most regions in our country. Third, I like it because it offers variations of tastes. Furthermore, the preparation is not too expensive & does not require too much preparation. For all of those reasons it is my favorite.

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What I love to lớn eat is a very familiar to young people in Vietnam, & it is sweetened porridge. This is what most of children in the countryside wait for their mothers to lớn bring home after they go to the market. It is made of glutinous rice, bean with some shredded coconut, coconut milk, sugar, and crusted peanut on top. There are many different versions of this food, và each region has the own way to make it. We can also add in the sweet potato, banana, corn, or lotus seed. They vì chưng not seem to lớn match each other at first, but actually they can make a really good combination. Although they look different, but after all they are snacks that most Vietnamese people love. Besides, they can have positive impacts on our health if we know how lớn cook them properly. For example, the corn và sweet potato porridge are good for our digestive system, and the lotus seed porridge helps us lớn cool down our body. They are mainly made of natural ingredients, so I think they are better for us to eat than other junk foods. Sweetened porridge is one of the traditional dishes of Vietnam, và we easily come across them at some events such as Tet holiday, Mid autumn festival, Mid year festival, the first birthday các buổi party of a baby etc. A lot of them have their own meanings. For example, the sweet rice ball with green bean filling means reunion or the red bean porridge means luck and success. This is not just a simple dish, it is also a soul of Vietnamese cuisine. Sweetened porridge is such a popular dish of Vietnam, and it is also my favorite snack of all time

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