Man city vs tottenham highlights: kane nets stoppage time winner after late mahrez penalty

The race for the Premier League title was blown wide mở cửa as Tottenham Hotspur stunned leaders Manchester thành phố with a 3-2 win at the Etihad to also keep alive Spurs" hopes for a top-four finish.

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A one-time Man city summer transfer target, Harry Kane scored two goals, including a dramatic stoppage-time winner to lớn give Tottenham a win that stopped a three-match losing streak and moved it to within four points of Manchester United for fourth place và a spot in next season"s Champions League. Kane also scored another goal that was wiped off the board for an offside infraction.

After its dominant midweek Champions League win, Man thành phố entered the match as the in-form team and clear favorite, but they were in for a nasty surprise. Spurs scored after just four minutes as their new January arrival Dejan Kulusevski applied a simple finish on a Son Heung-min service.

City began khổng lồ find their rhythm after trăng tròn minutes, upping the tempo và finding a 33rd-minute equalizer. A Raheem Sterling cross was not dealt with by Tottenham"s Hugo Lloris & Eric Dier, và the ball fell in stride for Man City"s Ilkay Gundogan, who rifled into an empty net for the momentary 1-1 equalizer.

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In the second half, city had the ball but struggled to lớn create quality chances against Tottenham"s defense, which forced them into wide areas & dealt with the ensuing crosses. On the other kết thúc of the field, Spurs were deadly in transition, scoring a second after Son & Kane linked up. The Korean set up the England forward for a simple finish with a half-hour remaining in the match.

The visitors thought they had a third shortly after, when Kulsevski"s deflected cross found Kane in the area, only for VAR lớn scratch the goal for an offside earlier in the move. That opened the door for a second thành phố equalizer after Spurs defender Cristian Romero threw himself in front of Bernardo Silva"s cross, only khổng lồ give away a penalty as the ball hit his hand. Riyad Mahrez made no mistake from the spot in the 92nd minute, & the 2-2 draw looked lượt thích it would hold up as the final score.

But it was the North London outfit that had the last laugh deeper into stoppage time. The ball again found Kulusevski on the right, & he had the time to curl back on his left & float the ball towards the far post, where Kane crashed a header past Ederson for the goal that gave Spurs a famous win. 

Man thành phố vs. Tottenham final score

Man đô thị 2

Gundogan (33"), Mahrez (90+2")

Spurs 3

Kulusevski (4"), Kane (59", 90+5"),

Man đô thị vs. Spurs updates

FULL TIME! What a remarkable game! Spurs managed to lớn sucker punch thành phố who, despite equalizing twice, couldn"t vì chưng enough with the ball to ever get ahead of their visitors.

This man right here?He"s one of our own.

— Tottenham Hotspur (
SpursOfficial) February 19, 2022

98th min: City have a không tính phí kick, inside Tottenham"s half. It"s played down the line for Walker lớn fire another ball across goal. Romero clears it, almost from under his own crossbar, và City come again.

97th min: Another đô thị cross, this time from Cancelo, which Lloris holds onto & happily dives on vị trí cao nhất of, as the seconds tick away.

95th min: GOAL!

It"s Kane again! Sanchez is on for Sessegnon. It"s frenetic as Spurs move the ball up the pitch. Kulusevski is onside this time as the ball is played down the right. He cuts in onto his left & floats the ball towards the far post. Harry Kane beats Kyle Walker in the air, và Ederson is beaten.

93rd min: GOAL!

Mahrez goes right on the penalty, và it"s rifled straight into the roof. Lloris had absolutely no chance. Spurs have four minutes to lớn see out here, but city will be hoping for a winner.

91st min: PENALTY!

Romero slid in to lớn make a block with his arm raised, & he"ll be lucky to lớn get away with this. Referee Anthony Taylor will take a look at the VAR monitor, as the fourth official announces seven minutes stoppage time. Taylor only needs a second khổng lồ make his decision. Don"t look away now. Mahrez looks lượt thích he"ll be taking the spot kick.

89th min: Rodri receives the ball on the edge of the area, but is caught in possession. As has been the case throughout the game, City"s players have struggled lớn get time on the ball in central areas. Laporte is on the ground, writhing. De Bruyne"s ball finds Silva wide on the left, who fires the ball back across goal. It hits Romero, và there are huge appeals for a handball.

86th min: Mahrez lifts a ball in which is headed clear. The trio of Davies, Dier, & Romero have seen off everything. Walker"s low cross is flicked towards goal by a teammate, but Ben Davies is in the way. Eric Dier is now down for treatment.

83rd min: Emerson Royal, who has improved as the trò chơi went on, with the help of Dejan Kulusevski, is replaced by Matt Doherty. Kane is back on the pitch, khổng lồ more boos, & City come again.

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82nd min: Harry Kane is down holding his lower back, but đô thị don"t care. They still can"t find a clear sight of goal. Kane is up, holding his back, before going back down. Romero is also down. The home fans are not impressed.

80th min: Son leaves the pitch to be replaced by Lucas Moura. Spurs have a không lấy phí kick in their right back position after Kevin de Bruyne gives away a needless foul. Lloris is booked for time wasting.

77th min: That disallowed goal has turned up the heat at the Etihad stadium. The home fans are in good voice now, and City are beginning to pile on the pressure. Romero is booked for once again grappling at a corner. The hosts keep sending the ball into the penalty area, & the Spurs defense keeps heading it away.

75th min: Kane thinks he"s scored again. Davies spreads the ball out wide to lớn Kulusevski on the right hand side. He cuts inside on the corner of the area và sends the ball toward the far post, but a deflection sees the ball land at the feet of Harry Kane. He shields the ball before spinning & firing towards goal. The celebrations of the traveling fans are cut short by VAR, with Kulusevski offside when Davies hit the ball out lớn him.

70th min: Cancelo"s ball across the face of goal bounces off Davies. It could go anywhere, but ends up in the grateful grasp of Hugo Lloris. Sessegnon gives the ball away, và ends up fouling Mahrez while trying to hóa trang for it.

x2 assists.

— Tottenham Hotspur (
SpursOfficial) February 19, 2022

68th min: Sterling is off for Mahrez, who has gone out khổng lồ the right hand side for now. đô thị continue to have the ball.

66th min: It"s almost three! A counter from Spurs sees Son and Kane combining once again, as Son slides the ball into Kane in the area. It looks a certain goal, but Ederson spreads himself well khổng lồ stop Spurs doubling their advantage. Now Lloris is down, holding his shoulder after saving a Gundogan effort from the edge of the area that was curling and dipping in khổng lồ the far post.

63rd min: thành phố are looking khổng lồ hit back, but Spurs have held strong so far. The hosts will be wondering how they haven"t scored more, for all the possession they"ve had.

59th min: GOAL!

Spurs get up the pitch in numbers. Kane"s cross-field pass drops to Sessegnon, who passes to Son outside on his left. Son cuts back onto his right và drops the ball onto the edge of the six yard area, lớn leave Harry Kane with a simple finish.

58th min: Kane once again looks khổng lồ put a teammate through on goal, but his pass doesn"t find Kulusevski"s run in behind City"s high line. The Swede looked offside anyway.

57th min: It"s more of the same from Spurs, with Kane dropping deep lớn receive the ball, before sending Son in behind. Kyle Walker manages to get back & hold Son up, forcing the Korean lớn take a shot from distance that doesn"t trouble Ederson. At the other end, city go close, but can"t find the finish after a quick passing move opens Spurs up.

52nd min: A delay before a đô thị corner on the left, due lớn ongoing pushing và shoving. Eventually De Bruyne"s ball gets a touch from Dias at the near post, which keeps it alive but evades everyone.

50th min: thành phố have had more of the ball during the start of the second half. Spurs have khổng lồ be careful not lớn sit off too much here, City"s creative players are finding themselves with space & time.

46th min: The hosts get us underway for the second half. This one is finely balanced.