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We spent over a month in da Nang & had plenty of time to lớn explore the city & visit some places with vegan food and vegan options. Here are the đứng đầu 5 restaurants I would recommend that you visit when you are in Danang.

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Where to find delicious Vietnamese food in domain authority Nang


1. Bao An Macrobiotic

Address: Bao An Macrobiotic, 56 Hoàng Bích Sơn, An Hải Bắc, đánh Trà, Đà Nẵng 550000

In front of Bao An

Very friendly local restaurant offers not only delicious & fresh vegan food but you can also purchase organic supplies for you khổng lồ take trang chủ and make your meals.

The restaurant is built from timber và has an old wooden house charm. It’s very simple và yet very attractive.

Waiting for lunch to be served at Bio An

The staff are very friendly & makes you feel lượt thích visiting a relative’s house. Apart from their food being vegan the food also does not contain refined sugar, no glutamine. Instead of sugar, they use syrup và molasses. The General Manager, Khanh from this eatery stated that rice & noodles they use in their cooking are brown và organic. Và their vegetables are locally farmed produced without pesticides.

There are not many options available on the menu but the once that are available are very delicious. We always kept ordering Noodle Soup, Noodle, Fresh Spring Rolls và Rice Dish with Vegetables of which they change ingredients daily keeping you guessing every time.

Organic Brown Rice with Vegetables, Tofu và Spring Rolls
Brown Noodles with Fried Spring Rolls và Veggies Topped Up with Peanuts
Noodle Soup with Tofu, Fried Spring Rolls, Pumpkin và Peanuts

Fresh Vietnamese Rolls we used khổng lồ buy as a takeaway the most. It has red noodle, tofu, seaweed & lettuce wrapped in rice paper and served with peanut butter sauce on a banana leaf.

Take-away Fresh Vietnamese Rolls

This small charming restaurant has an xuất hiện space kitchen where you can see how the food is prepared.

We stayed close by and visited Bao An Macrobiotic quite frequently. Whether we ate at the restaurant or took take-aways the food was always enjoyable.

It’s a wonderful choice for you and your family members to lớn enjoy healthy and delicious food in a comfortable và close-to-nature feeling restaurant.

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2. Chay Corner – Vietnamese Dumplings

Address: 30 Lê Hữu Trác, An Hải Đông, tô Trà, Đà Nẵng 550000

Chay Corner

This is a very tiny và cute eatery which we found in the corner of one of the streets which we turned into. We were not hungry & this wasn’t a planned trip but when we saw Chay on the sign, we had to kiểm tra it out. Although Chay Corner is not entirely vegan they vị offer vegan options.

We met the owner of this eatery, Tran (Na). She was very sweet & spoke very good English. Na knew exactly what Vegan means and she remarked that her restaurant mainly attracts foreigners who are vegan and she customises the dishes for them. She also stated that she delivers vegan food on demand.

The owner, Tran (Na) và I

In that said, we were confident that we are going to lớn have vegan food & immediately ordered a few dishes lớn try.

We tasted Vietnamese mushroom dumplings, vegan sushi và ban mi (baguette staffed with veggie and tofu) which all tasted delicious. Na, also pointed out that dumplings were her signature dish and many of her customers love it.

I agree the dumplings were very tasty although the portion kích cỡ was a little bit smaller than what I expected. The Ban mày tasted very good which we ended up ordering a takeaway as well.

Enjoying Vegan Sushi

We visited this place only once và were very impressed with the owner’s friendliness & her willingness khổng lồ customise any dishes we were pointing out off the menu. So definitely will recommend to kiểm tra out Chay Corner.

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3. Vegan Restaurant – Đà Nẵng cơm trắng Chay 2

Address: 329 Dương Đình Nghệ, An Hải Bắc, tô Trà, Đà Nẵng 55000

This is a fancy looking restaurant is not entirely vegan but vegetarian with vegan options.

We particularly enjoyed Fresh Spring Rolls. Fresh ingredients were served on a plate và you had to make the rolls yourself. We had fun with that & made it the way we wanted by adding those ingredients that we liked the most. It was fun and a good experience. (I usually prefer it that way).

We also ordered Skewers, Stir-fried Noodles and Vietnamese pancake.

Skewers Accompanied By Salad

Although, the pancake was a little oily for my taste the other dishes tasted very good.

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4. Roots Plant-Based Cafe

Address: An Thượng 30, Bắc Mỹ Phú, năm giới Sơn, Đà Nẵng 55000

Roots Plant-Based Cafe, Danang

This pretty cà phê offers western-style dishes from buddha bowls và smoothie bowls lớn wraps, sandwiches, toasts và vegan burgers. For drinks, you can have cold-pressed juices, kombucha and great coffee!

Delicious Vegan Burger at Roots

The coffe is a bit more expensive than other local cafes we visited, but we truly love their burgers. It was fresh, plentiful and quite creative lớn satisfy my cravings.

You can also purchase eco-friendly household items & some food items to lớn take away.

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5. Tam Chau

Address: 15 Đông kinh Nghĩa Thục, Đà Nẵng, 55000, Vietnam

The entrance of Tam Chao

This vegan restaurant is top-notch. It had just been opened a few days before we left domain authority Nang. It’s located down the road from our homestay so likely we could visit it a few times before leaving.

We tried their breakfast & we were very impressed with the food, the level of service and the restaurant itself. Because it was newly opened, everything there was new & looked immaculate. They have traditional Vietnamese decor & style and the furniture looked elegant và stunning with a traditional twist.

They have a comprehensive danh mục of Vietnamese vegan dishes on the menu however, during breakfast time they offer a limited thực đơn with just a few dishes.

We thoroughly enjoyed delicious Pho & Bún bò Chay (vegan spicy noodle soup). Both soups were accompanied by an assortment of fresh herbs. Và we also ordered the third thành tích which was Bánh bèo (mini rice cakes)

Breakfast Arrived
About to lớn eat my Pho

Bánh lục bình – Translating to English is water fern cake.

Bánh lục bình – Mini Rice Cakes

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Our vegan version was served with chilli & sweet chilli sauces. This dish is made from a combination of rice flour và tapioca flour with peanuts và crotons toppings. The cakes are delicate with a slightly chewy texture. It was unusual và tasted good.

So.. Are you feeling hungry yet? Did you find a hidden gem that we missed on our list? mô tả with us và our readers.

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