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LAN-XI is a modular data acquisition system & analyzer platform providing you with a flexible front kết thúc capable of delivering over 1000 channels in a portable DAQ system. Both LAN-XI và LAN-XI Light are designed khổng lồ deliver unrivalled dynamic input đầu vào range for capturing sound & vibration data in a wide range of demanding measurement applications.

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LAN-XI DAQ Systems

LAN-XI DAQ ModulesLAN-XI DAQ Modules provide the building blocks of our scalable data acquisition platform, & can be used individually or combined together into systems of any size.

LAN-XI LightLAN-XI Light is our four-channel data acquisition modules designed for stand-alone use in entry-level or low-channel-count measurement scenarios.

LAN-XI FramesLAN-XI Frames & DAQ racks for medium và large-scale analyzer systems, assembling multiple LAN-XI DAQ Modules in a rack and transmitting data through a single LAN cable.


LAN-XI Data Acquisition

Our LAN-XI Data Acquisition System is a versatile family of DAQ hardware, modules & equipment designed for flexibility, robustness, and ease of use.

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Flexible channel configurationsOur LAN-XI modules function individually and provided with a battery nguồn module, you can create small, rugged, low channel-count systems.The various input & output DAQ modules can be assembled in frames of 5 or 11 modules. The frames can be cài đặt together creating a DAQ system with over 1000 channels.VersatilityVersatility và flexibility are at the heart of LAN-XI. You can easily remove modules khổng lồ split your data acquisition systems up for single measurements, or combine the modules when large tests are needed. You can attach many different types of input đầu vào panels lớn connect the transducers of your choice. Should your needs change over time, you can easily địa chỉ cửa hàng additional modules or specialized multichannel connections, enabling faster data sampling rate or bridge transducers.OPEN-API Protocol (License Included)LAN-XI xuất hiện API is a lightweight, platform-independent interface for programming LAN-XI data acquisition hardware from your own (or third party) software. The LAN-XI xuất hiện API interface is a wire-protocol based on REST và JSON technologies.

LAN-XI Light: Standalone DAQ Modules

LAN-XI Light is our stand-alone data acquisition modules for specific measurement scenarios. The modules provide up to four channels, & can be used together with a battery module lớn create a portable data recorder.

Advantages of both LAN-XI DAQ systems

The bandwidth, channels, signal conditioning, và other modules can be configured via our online platform, enabling easy control, recording, & display feedback via a điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh or pc. In addition both systems;

can be used as a simple data recorder of sound and vibration time data (featuring 12 channels on LAN-XI and 4 channels for LAN-XI Light)automatically incorporates data from transducers equipped with transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) IEEE 1451.4are able to transmit data wirelessly with the use of Wireless LAN Frame Type 3660-A-20xhave a circular LED showing when channels are in use, and indicate signal clipping at a glance. This is also shown on the modules" LCD screen.provide Dyn-X giải pháp công nghệ eliminating the need for input ranging with dual A/D converters, & secures data recording – with an effective dynamic range of over 160 dB